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Lindby (Oak Shadow Brown) is available with a brushed surface texture or in a smooth variant, in XXL (271 mm x 2378 mm) or XL (206 mm x 2200 mm) in Bjelin’s Select & Natural grades.

Looking to incorporate the classic tones and majestic grain of natural European Oak in your interior design?  

Our Hardened Wood flooring by Bjelin is three times harder than traditional engineered wood floors and is pre-finished in Sweden with an ultra-matte lacquer for unrivalled robustness. 

All Bjelin’s floorboards are crafted with their patented 5G fold-down profile, allowing for quicker, easier and less costly installations as premium floating floors. 

Visit our Cape Town showroom to view large in-situ displays of Lindby (Oak, Shadow Brown) by Swedish innovators, Bjelin or contact us for samples.

Medium to dark tones, including warm mocha colours and a prominent grain.

A smooth or brushed surface with micro bevel edges.

Successive applications of ultra-matte lacquer for a robust surface that is easy to care for.

Bjelin’s innovative range of “Hardened Wood” floors is made possible by reinforcing natural timber veneers by means of a patented process to create floors that are three times harder than would otherwise be the case. 

Supplied with Bjelin’s 5G fold-down profile for hassle-free installation as a floating floor.

Interior flooring; wall cladding.

Lindsay (Oak Shadow Brown) by Bjelin is available in a format, dimension, and grade to enhance any interior architecture and design:

From wide-board plank flooring to narrow strip flooring, from visually clean to abundant natural character.

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