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Markus and Karolina Lintala, accompanied by their labradoodle Signe, recently searched for the ideal flooring solution.

They wanted an aesthetically appealing floor that would also suit their active lifestyle and chose Bjelin’s hardened wood floor, Oak, Powder White, Brushed in XL format.

“We chose Larvik because of its exceptional durability,” Markus explained.

“With a dog in the house, it was essential to have a floor that could withstand everyday wear and tear. Since the floor extends through the hallway and kitchen, we wanted the toughest option available.”

The couple also opted for a brushed surface, citing both practical and sensory benefits.

“The brushed surface of Oak, Powder White, creates a beautiful effect when light falls on it, but it also conceals footprints to a certain extent.”

The wide and long floorboards were installed as high-quality floating floors, leveraging Bjelin’s class leading and patented 5-G fold-down profile.

The floating method of installation saves time and cost and eliminates the need for adhesive and glue bottles for a truly environmentally sustainable approach.

N/A Bjelin U.K. 2023 Oak, Powder White by Bjelin Select Plank Brushed

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We are excited to announce our new & exclusive partnership with innovators, Bjelin from Sweden.

Bjelin's flooring takes premium natural materials, including European Oak, European Ash and American Walnut to new and creative realms.

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