An unashamedly bold interpretation of European Ash.

Segura by Hakwood is deeply satisfying, both in aesthetics and its subtle tactility.

Visit our Cape Town showroom to view large in-situ displays of Sava, from Hakwood’s prestigious European Ash Collection of premium hardwood flooring or contact us for samples.


Darker & warm tones, shades of mocha, with walnut.

Sava’s elegance speaks to the care with which it has been crafted: Prime-grade European Ash, expertly refined by subtraction rather than embellishment. It benefits from multiple applications of oxidative and UV-cured sealants to enhance the allure and robustness of this nuanced finish.

A lightly wire-brushed surface adds visual and tactile interest, with micro bevel edges.

Hakwood’s artisans succeed in balancing striking aesthetics and a level of finesse that is all too rare.

Smooth surface with micro bevel edges.

Successive applications of both oxidative oils and UV-cured oils for a robust surface that is easy to care for.

Hakwood’s Duoplank construction includes either a 6- or 4-mm thick wear layer of European Oak in a variety of grades and a multi-ply substrate of Birch for unsurpassed dimensional stability in any climate.

Interior flooring; stair elements; ceiling cladding; wall cladding.

Sava by Hakwood is available in a format, dimension, and grade to enhance any interior architecture and design:

From wide-board plank flooring to narrow strip flooring, as well as herringbone and chevron parquet, from visually clean to abundant  natural character.

be inspired.

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